Ottchil Tableware

너울NEOUL_ Brooch(Gold+mother-of-pearl+acrylic)

기존에 상용화 되지 않은 친환경 한국적 소재를 사용하였고,
Gold와 옻으로 그 고급스러움을 더하였으 며,
제작의 처음부터 끝까지 아티스트들이 만 든, 프리미엄 고퀄리티 수공예 Art상품입 니다.

we use Eco-friendly Korean materials that were not commercialized before.
Gold and lacquer adds the luxurious feel,
Premium high-quality handcrafted Art products are created by artists from beginning to end.

너울 NEOUL_ Tray(Gold+Wood+漆(the sap of a lac tree)+red clay)

옻칠 Ottchil (lacquer) Sterilization
살균 Hygiene 위생 Moisture-proof 방습 Mothproof 방충 protection against heat 방열 Far-infrared radiation amount89.2%
원적외선 방사량 89.2% <(사)한국원적외선협회>

너울 NEOUL_ Tray(Wood+漆(the sap of a lac tree)+red clay)

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