라온 Laon

즐거움이라는 뜻의 순 우리말
‘joy’ in the Korean language

학문을 사랑한 선비의 책과 화병, 문방구를 그린 책가도를..
서민의 행복과 소망을 담아 꽃, 새, 글자를 그린 민화를..
브로치로, 귀걸이로, 더 가까이 담았습니다.

These are our main motifs: Drawings of centuries old books,
flower vessels, writing tools of scholar who loved literature.
Folk paintings of flowers, birds, calligraphy.
Our hand crafted products(Brooches, Earrings, etc.) will be delightful additions to your life.

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